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Aerial Beginners

Designed for first timers and those new to flying, allowing you to become familiar with your new practice and grasp the sensations that come with inversions.

This class will guide you through the basics at an easy to follow pace focusing on the foundations necessary to progress whilst allowing you to build confidence in the hammock.

All you need is an open mind and trust in your hammock and instructor. You will leave your practice feeling accomplished, stronger, calmer and lengthened.  

Aerial Yoga

Use gravity to take your practice to new heights to experience deeper poses and a more invigorating flow. This class will lengthen your body, decompress your spine and relieve your joints, you will leave this class full of energy and wanting more! The aerial hammocks are used to support your body, designed to leave you feeling completely realigned from head to toe.

Aerial Yoga Flow (Level 1) - a more gentle flow, playing with shapes that will leave you feeling content, stretched yet challenged. Suitable for those moving on from beginners or regulars looking for a gentle class and full body stretch.

Aerial Dynamic Flow (Level 2) - an opportunity to work on intermediate to advanced inversions and poses. These flows bring you a more energetic and challenging class. This is your next step from Level 1.

Aerial Flow
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Aerial Restorative Yin

This gentle yin style class is slow, gentle and meditative. It will target connective tissues in the body through holding postures for a longer period of time.

Modern day living brings many stressors to the nervous system, meaning we are constantly in fight or flight mode without a quiet moment. This floor based class is the perfect antidote. With a strong emphasis on slowing down.

This class will perfectly balance the average yang lifestyle. Our Aerial Restorative class is different to other aerial classes as the hammock is lowered fairly close to the mat.

Aerial Barre

Your hammock will assist you to completely tone and lengthen your body through a combination of cardio movements, light weight training and modified ballet Barre exercises.

This class is highly addictive and targets all the small muscle groups. Expect your body and muscles to sweat, shake and burn… in a good way. 

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Aerial Pilates

Explore a new territory with your Pilates workout! This class uses Pilates fundamentals in an elevated format. Strengthening your core through muscle isolation and conditioning like no other.

Allow this total body toning class to push you and reconnect the mind and body whilst stabilising and decompressing your spine. 

Aerial Core, Stretch & Realign

This combination class involves core strengthening and total body conditioning which will push you to your limits whilst allowing you to leave feeling relaxed, released and realigned.

Push your core to the maximum with traditional mat exercises followed by a cool down. Allow the hammock and gravity to provide you with a complete body stretch, realigning and decompressing your spine.

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 Aerial Play

Want to improve your core strength, flexibility and posture as well as receive a total body workout? This is your class. Designed for all levels of fitness.

Elevate your workout and engage in a new fun way to become strong and challenge yourself. Being fully supported by the hammock, expect to laugh, fly and push yourself to new boundaries.


Aerial Fusion

This Pilates meets Yoga combination class has been specifically designed to incorporate the best of both worlds. Pilates and Yoga share many key principles including breathing, concentration, grounding, control and precision.

This class has the perfect combination of all these principles, encouraging whole body movements and balanced muscle development, whilst stretching and lengthening the muscles that have been worked and tightened.

Leave class feeling evenly balances and both challenged and relaxed.

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa simply means “flowing with breath”. This mat class allows you to create awareness throughout your body through linking each inhale and exhale with the movements and flow of the class.

This class is designed to create and promote heat within the body with a strong focus on the power of breath awareness.

(This is at mat class and does not use the hammock)

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