How to take your Pilates workout to the next level?

Do you feel like you are in a plateau in the exercise department?
Have you been told you need to improve your core strength to prevent lower back pain?
Are you looking to improve a compressed and tight back?
Are you looking for a fun yet challenging way to push yourself to the next level?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions then it is time to give Aerial Pilates a go!

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. I am talking about taking Pilates literally to the next level and elevated off the ground. Here is a run down on everything you need to know before coming in and giving it a go!

What to expect in your average Aerial Pilates class?
In your average Aerial Pilates class you can expect a combination of floor work, standing work, flying work and inversions. It is generally a fast placed class with a focus on engagement of your core strength for the entire class. For the best results, it important to come along with an open mind and trust in your hammock!

What are some of the benefits of Aerial Pilates?

  • Total body workout; Floating in the air and working with an unstable hammock leaves you no choice but to engage ALL your muscles. I assure you that your core will be activated for the entire class, whether you are fiddling around in your hammock or actually participating in a pose, that core will be working!

  • Increase in strength & flexibility; gravity & your hammock will assist you in finding deeper and stronger stretches, allowing muscles to be lengthened. A typical aerial pilates class will involve plenty of bending, stretching, twisting and flipping, all of this will hand in hand improve your strength & flexibility without you even noticing. In particular, for those looking for increase upper body strength without the use of heavy weights or bulkiness, this is definitely for you!

  • Improved balance; moving on an unstable device, (aka. the hammock) requires concentration and gets those stabilising muscles to work. Therefore, regular practice will improve your overall balance, assisting you in your daily life through improving your coordination and helping reduce the risk of accidental falls.

  • Makes you SMILE; it is just a whole lot of fun! Inversions with the hammock allow the release of serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine - these are our HAPPY hormones! The use of the hammock requires focus and concentration, allowing thoughts in our minds to become quiet for the duration of class.

Will Aerial Pilates improve back pain?
Many health professionals will recommend Pilates as a form of rehab for injuries, in particular chronic back pain or even a prevention for injuries to come, as well as the perfect regime to increase core strength. Aerial Pilates could help speed up your progress in seeing results sooner and will alleviate most back pain. Many participants claim that just one Aerial Pilates class with inversions will result in a lighter and more free moving back. Others have even noticed it has assisting in relieving sciatica pain. Inversions with the use of our hammocks are a whole lot better than inversion tables and will reduce tension in the spine, as well as detoxing the body by massaging the lymphatic system. (In saying that, it is important to consult any changes/additions in exercise routines with your health professional prior to attending.)

Aerial Pilates is a whole new way of working out, connecting the mind and body. It is extremely difficult to not leave class with a big smile on your face. Expect your world to be turned upside down… literally. For those who are new to Aerial classes, it is highly recommended to complete an Aerial Beginners class prior to booking into Aerial Pilates.

Don’t be surprised if you get hooked, one of the most common phrases that floats around the studio is “I just want to hang today”. Come and experience the amazing benefits for yourself!


If you are ready to try it for yourself or would like to know more, please follow the prompts in this this link:

Tayla Pagliuca