Live a Life of Zen ft. Aerial Yoga

The Cambridge Dictionary defines Zen (adjective) as a state of being ‘relaxed and not worrying about things that you cannot change’. How satisfying does that sound?

Using Aerial Yoga as an active tool in your life will not only provide great physical benefits on the body, but will assist you in finding inner peace & mindfulness, controlling madness in the mind and overall to live a Life of Zen.

Today’s overwhelmingly fast-paced world requires commitment, dedication and being able to juggle multiple responsibilities all whilst finding balance and the time to do things that heal the soul & the mind. Many of us struggle to find a happy medium between it all, leaving us feeling under the pump and over committed most of the time.

Aerial Yoga has a pretty sweet relationship when it comes to working with the functioning of the brain. Regular practice may help rebuild your emotional system, clearing the mind and relieving stress due to its meditative state. The consistent practice increases overall brain health, releasing those happy hormones and research suggests that just ten minutes a day is enough to reduce stress and relieve you from every day life pressures. Let’s face it, there is just something really peaceful about hanging upside down. Those who have done it will understand what I mean.

Additionally, Aerial Yoga helps you focus on the present moment rather than thinking about the things from our past that are out of our control and fears of what the future might bring. During an Aerial Yoga class it is vital to pay your undivided attention to movements and the hammock, staying focused to avoid injuries! Yes - being present in your class can help turn off those negative thoughts. Being aware and present is a crucial life skill that many people find it difficult to achieve in this ever evolving world.

When you hang upside down for the first time, you will probably notice that your perception goes out the door and you all of a sudden are back in kindy learning your left from right. Regular inversions can help increase our coordination skills through improving proprioceptive and kinaesthetic awareness. Throughout your Aerial Yoga journey you will learn new movements and create neural pathways and synaptic connections, therefore increasing neuroplasticity of the brain or the ability to learn and retain new things whilst stimulating growth.

For most, living a life of Zen or achieving a mental balance doesn’t come naturally and is generally a long journey. Surprisingly this doesn’t just depend on the mind. This is were our mind & body connection comes in play. Yes, this connection does depend on the mind, however a happy mind goes hand in hand with a happy body! When it comes to your physicality, add Aerial Yoga to your routine for 2 weeks and I promise you will notice the differences.

It is not only a total body workout like no other, but research suggests that it can help alleviate tightness in the back. Many of those who attend frequent classes at The Gravity Room have noted that it has found them relief from pain caused by scoliosis, herniated discs and inflammation in joints. Additionally, it improves stability, balance, flexibility and strength as well as aids digestion. The full body inversions or ‘hanging’ can give the internal organs a little ‘wake up’ to get things started. Many clients have even suggested that frequent hanging can keep them ‘regular’ when it comes to the bathroom.

Like any other form of physical activity or yoga in that case, Aerial Yoga is not your ‘cure all’ solution that will solve all your problems. But it can absolutely be used as a powerful tool if you are looking to Live a Life of Zen, or even just be more mindful and in-tune to the body & mind connecting. All of this will influence your ability to find mental balance.

Aerial Yoga is becoming more well known around the world as when practiced regularly it can really optimise both physical and mental health, without any nasty side effects. It is common to take probiotics and vitamins as a preventative to getting sick. So why not practice Aerial Yoga as preventative to overcome a stressful life and help achieve a balanced lifestyle?


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