Thinking of Starting your Aerial Yoga Journey?

So you’re thinking about starting your Aerial Yoga journey? Then continue reading on… you can count this as step 1 of flying completed!  

Now imagine yourself feeling fully supported, relaxed and weightless. Focusing on the present, making your way through a range of movements whilst suspended from the ceiling, like clouds passing through the sky, all whilst engaging in a total body workout for both the mind and body.

Just like any Yoga class, Aerial Yoga takes you through a journey of traditional yoga poses, the only difference being most of them are done in a fully supported fabric hammock and this hammock will also support you throughout inversions i.e. going upside down.

Many clients are hesitant because they fear they are not strong, fit or flexible enough to participate in classes. Let me clarify that you absolutely do not need to tick all these boxes, however with regular practice of Aerial classes your strength, flexibility and stamina will improve.

Here are only a couple of reasons why you should get on the flying bandwagon and incorporate Aerial classes in your exercise and recovery regime:

1.    Inversions

Decompressing and realigning the spine and neck, stretching and lengthening muscles, producing serotonin, endorphins, dopamine & oxytocin - the happy hormones, refreshing the lymphatic and digestive systems and alleviating pressure from joints are just a few of the amazing benefits that being inverted in your Aerial classes can provide.

Traditional yoga provides limitations to those who do not have the strength or courage to get into those trickier or intimidating positions. Unlike mat yoga, Aerial Yoga allows those who are scared or unable to get into these positions, to defy gravity and be inverted. Allowing everyone who practices Aerial classes to reap the amazing benefits of inversions, whilst being fully supported and held in place by the hammock.

Whilst being inverted, gravity will allow you time to stop, breathe, appreciate the sensations of being upside down and connect the breath to the body and mind.


2. Relieving back and muscle pain

At times throughout class, in certain positions the hammock will apply strong pressure to your muscles breaking down a build up of fascia. Providing relief to tight muscles, this has even been reported in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

If that isn’t convincing enough, after just your first Aerial Yoga class you will notice an instant relief and how much tension you probably hold in your back, hips, shoulders and neck. Following class many clients claim they feel they have come out of a remedial massage (rather than a yoga class), feeling relaxed, lighter and looser all over allowing gravity to fully support your body into each pose.

3. Stretch, Stretch & Stretch

The hammock will change the way you think about stretching. It is common through traditional stretching to strain and resist parts of the body, therefore missing out on actually stretching the targeted muscles and perhaps taking tension into the neck or hips. 

When incorporating the breath into stretches whilst using the hammock, really allows your body to fully open up and increase and experience stretching in a whole new way. You will be addicted.  

Your spine will be fully stretched, creating space between each vertebra, leaving you walking away from an Aerial class 1/2 – 1 1/2 inches taller due to your spine completely decompressing throughout inversions.

In conclusion, don’t be worried if you can’t touch your toes, you can still participate in Aerial classes. Each student focuses on their own movement within their own hammock. Focus on where your body is at during your first class and where you want to be… #goals.


4.    Savasana

So you think traditional savasana is relaxing? I can assure you that you have never experienced a savasana quite like this. Fully surrendering your body weight, allowing the hammock to cocoon around you.

If you struggle to switch off and relax in traditional savasana, I urge you to give Aerial Yoga a try. You would be surprised with the calming effect the hammock has on the body and mind.

5.    It makes you feel good

It is as simple as that. Most children enjoy being upside down, it is fun and makes them feel good. Being upside down has the same effects on most adults. 

It also improves the way we feel through alleviating stress, anxiety and depression. Inversions can calm and relax our nervous system, assisting with sleep patterns by improving our wake cycles.

All you need to give Aerial Yoga a try is to have an open mind, ready to challenge and push yourself with each pose. If you have been thinking about giving Aerial classes a go, now is your time! Book a class, get in the studio and try something new!

Hope to see you in the hammock,

Tayla Pagliuca