Why Should You Introduce Aerial Yoga To Your Team?

No matter what position you hold within an organisation, there will be times that the entire team may experience feeling overwhelmed and stressed due to various internal or external factors including, tight deadlines and general demands of the job.

Both mental and physical stress such as fatigue, tension, headaches, illness, anxiety and depression, may be a result from spending long hours behind a desk or churning through work and finishing projects. In the long run, this ultimately may lead to a negative workplace culture with higher levels of absenteeism and a drop in productivity.

This is where having a wellness plan in place to break up the week-to-week in the workplace, such as team Aerial Yoga could really benefit your business overall through increasing motivation, relationships and most importantly, engagement.

Aerial Yoga is not about how flexible you are or getting into crazy positions in the hammock, its purpose is to restore the mind - connecting the breath to the body and perhaps taking some time to look at situations from new perspectives, benefiting through finding balance with a holistic approach to our physical and mental health. In saying that, Aerial Yoga is also just great fun, and can be utilised in the work environment as an opportunity to pull away from the busy demands of life and work for just one hour, giving back to yourself and your team!

So how can Aerial Yoga benefit your team?

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety: Aerial Yoga has amazing benefits for our mental health as it has a calming effect on the mind and nervous system. Each class triggers the release of serotonin, endorphins, dopamine & oxytocin - the happy hormones, giving all the chance to walk away from class feeling lighter, brighter and calmer. Ultimately resulting in a happier and more relaxed team environment.

  2. Improve concentration and focus: Throughout an Aerial Yoga class attention will be drawn to focus on the breath, allowing time for employees to de-clutter the mind, feel grounded and end class feeling focused and more alert. This will lead to higher productivity and employees feeling more positive about their job and life in general.

  3. Improve physical health: Many people do not realise the impact sitting at a desk all day can have on our bodies, including a hunched and compressed back, neck and shoulders, tight hips, postural problems and aches and pains across various parts of the body. Aerial Yoga allows your employees to move their bodies freely in ways not generally accessible within the office environment or even in day to day life. Inversions allow for complete decompression of the spine and neck, alleviating pressure from joints and stretching with the hammock can reduce muscular pain causing fatigue.

  4. Building stronger workplace relationships: Bringing colleagues together to socialise in a light-hearted, fun and casual environment could really benefit the team in developing stronger workplace relationships and boosting team morale. Taking time away from the office environment as a team may allow for stronger relationships to be formed across all levels within your team, overall leading to higher productivity and cohesiveness.

Introducing just one Aerial Yoga session a week could really change employee behaviour, improving focus, boosting team morale and assisting in managing stress & difficult situations. Aerial Yoga will assist in freeing the mind from negative feelings that can be caused by modern life. As well as physically improving circulation and blockages around the body, improving posture and reducing muscular and joint pain.

No matter what business you come from, whether you sit behind a desk, carry around heavy boxes or even are on your feet or running around all day, Aerial Yoga will be able to assist your overall workplace dynamics. Giving the team a chance to un-wind in a safe & calm environment and completely unplug from life, to-do lists and technology will reduce tension and allow employees to feel more at ease and therefore allowing them to focus better at work.

Aerial Yoga is a unique way to get the team together, specifically designed classes focused around movement, mindfulness and stretching, perfect for busy workers stuck in their daily grind. Classes are tailored to whatever the needs of your business at the time of class, with colleagues leaving class feeling energised and revitalised, with the overall aim for a harmonious and productive workplace.


Tayla Pagliuca