A little about us

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Allow your mind & body to become lighter and perform aerial movements, inversions and shapes with your body to achieve overall strength and flexibility.

Our Aerial classes combine elements of traditional yoga, pilates and gymnastic exercises, designed to completely lengthen your body and decompress your spine and joints.

Close your practice feeling refreshed, reconnecting your mind & body, whilst taking away tension and overall live a life that is lighter.


Our brand new studio is located in Caringbah in Sutherland Shire. The Studio has been uniquely designed for you to work with Gravity to allow both your Mind & Body to feel lighter.

Feel weightless in your hammock whilst suspended from the ceiling, floating freely through the air. Whether you want to increase your strength, flexibility or relax and find calmness, our classes have been designed to meet all your needs.

Join the family! We would love to guide you through your new experience.


Meet Our Team



Tayla discovered Aerial Classes and Pilates after searching for a remedy for back pain, tension and finding inner peace. She fell in love with the practice and became obsessed with the difference in how both her body and mind felt walking out the door of a class.

“I became addicted with the feeling of flexibility & space in my spine after Aerial classes and inversions that I would not be able to achieve in traditional mat classes.”

Instantly she knew this was something that she wanted to be apart of the rest of her life and something to share with others. “Allowing this time for myself is one of few things which completely lets me be in the present, switch off and be conscious of my breath and movements.”

After years in the corporate world, some time overseas and a switch in priorities, Tayla came to create some new career and life goals that led her down the path of building The Gravity Room and sharing such beautiful gift with you all.

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Ella found Aerial classes whilst dancing in a show in China. Her first class was for her birthday and she quickly discovered this would soon become her new way of working out. After 2 years of being a student, Ella knew she wanted to share this experience with others.

“I fell in love with the ability to be working my muscles but not feeling like I was in a fitness class. I could see myself progressing and improving with tricks and exercises from class to class, my muscles elevated and worked that little bit more.”

Whilst working as a professional dancer Ella discovered Pilates to be the best way to keep her body fit and maintained. Ella is currently completing an Advanced Diploma level Pilates apprenticeship. She enjoys teaching a range of various group classes and is known for these to be energetic.

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As a professional dancer and physical performer, Erin is no stranger to the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Starting as a means of conditioning her physicality, she quickly discovered the powerful effects yoga placed on the mind.

“As a teacher of yoga, acrobatics, contemporary and aerial dance, I am passionate about the mechanics of movement combined with upholding integrity of the body.”

Her powerful, flow style classes encompass a fluidity influenced by her dance background and emphasize correct body alignment and muscle engagement in the execution of movement.

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Rebecca’s introduction to Aerial yoga was about a year ago. Although she had a regular yoga practice, she had developed a new found love for strength and endurance development which often made her feel stiff and achy in the joints. She loved that Aerial yoga provides the opportunity to create space within the joints, and also finds inverting ones self provides a great space to meditate and breathe, especially when the weight of the body is fully supported.

Rebecca’s journey with yoga began slowly in 2010. She approached yoga as many do – as an exercise – until she had a private session led by one of her friends who had just completed their yoga teacher training. Her friend introduced her to not only alignment, but the importance of breath, as well as some history and philosophy, and from that point on her view of yoga completely shifted. After developing a more regular practice, she decided she wanted to learn more and ended up completing her first yoga teacher training in early 2017. Feeling right at home in that environment, she’s accumulated 450hrs of training in areas such as safe alignment and assisting, yin, meditation, yoga therapeutics, and sequencing. She believes yoga is the ultimate “self help” system and it is her passion to share this system with others by creating a safe space that offers a challenge, as well as the chance to rest and restore.

As she loves being a facilitator of movement, Rebecca also teaches mat and reformer pilates. She believes it is a wonderful form of exercise that can help one develop a strong, flexible, and mobile body.



Tania had been in the fitness industry for close to 10 years, she has completed her Cert III and has been working in group fitness classes for all this time. She has always loved high intensity, low impact classes including strength and the benefits that your body and mind can achieve.

“I love the feeling you get once you have finished a cardio class and knowing that you have put everything into it. the time you spend in the class is your time and relieves you of everyday stresses and makes you want to work harder and push yourself that little bit extra every time”

Tania looks forward to welcoming you to her classes and helping you progress and improve your fitness and reach your goals.



“Fitness and exercise has changed my life! I used to be a stressed out, sleep deprived executive corporate manager who worked long hours every week.“ Dee found AntiGravity Fitness and Pilates and everything changed, for the better. She found something that was fun and even though she wasn’t able to perfectly perform the poses at first she felt as if she had joined a group who were trying their best and having fun while reaping health benefits.

“Over time I improved my practise and my body started to respond to the stretches and strength that was needed. I started practising the breathing exercises during the day, especially when driving in heavy traffic. I even started doing mat classes and different types of exercise. I was a convert and loved it!”

Dee has now also trained in AntiGravity Pilates, AirBarre and Suspension Fitness. She hopes that she can inspire others to realise their inner strength, connect to their breath, learn to listen to their bodies and find harmony and calmness, which can be transferred into to their everyday life.

She encourages you to come and have a go, as you may be surprised at how much you can do. She is sure you'll love it as much as she does!



Jennifer started her yoga journey nearly a decade ago by stepping into a yoga class to improve her flexibility. Through her journey she was inspired by the uplifting energy she felt in class and she fell in love with the practice.

In 2014 Jennifer earned her 200 YTT training with Marcus Felicetti through Bodhi Yoga. Through her yoga training she learned to connect to her inner spirit and breath and to connect deeply with the body.

Determined to help empower others through yoga, she began teaching in 2014. Her strong, dynamic flows help cultivate body awareness, encourage her students to embrace their unique gifts, and give them a deep understanding of their yoga practice.

Since childhood Jennifer has always loved the freedom found in hanging upside down and swinging around. After starting aerial silks training in 2013, she found her passion by combining her love for yoga with the freedom of movement found through the aerial arts.



Alexandra Kookarkin is an energetic, Accredited Exercise Physiologist living in Cronulla. She runs her own PT business, teaches Pilates; boxing, barre, and offers exercise prescriptions, including rehab for injury.

She holds a degrees in Exercise Science and Commerce from the University of Wollongong; is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA); she holds a Masters degree in Human Nutrition from Deakin University, holds a Cert III and IV in Fitness; and is an APMA Level 4 Pilates instructor.

“I have a passion for health and fitness; enjoy motivating, having fun and training my clients. My style of training is not to punish, but teach my clients to enjoy exercise and make it a part of their life. Many of my clients have become my dearest friends. I am a very social person who loves people, sharing stories and entertaining others. I have been a competitive A grade tennis player and swimmer, and in 2015 completed the Gold Coast Marathon.”

Alex is looking forward to working with the energetic and professional team at The Gravity Room.